"To Challenge and Support All Members to Reach
Their Highest Level of performance of Bass Fishing"


The South Suburban Bassmasters is a not-for-profit organization and was incorporated in 1984. Its activities are bass fishing, a bass tournament trail, workshops, seminars, conservation, and a youth program. We are located in Dolton which is a south suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

The South Suburban Bassmasters welcome new members who love the sport of bass fishing. If you enjoy bass fishing, our bass club has a lot to offer you. We offer workshops and seminars to exchange bass catching information and techniques. Bass location, prey, behavior, and lures are among the topics covered at our workshops and seminars.

We will teach the basics to new members who are beginners in the sport. We will show you how to rig your lures, casting techniques, etc., to become successful. You cannot learn everything about about bass at our workshops and seminars; one must get on the water. You will fish with a Club member at our Club fishing outings and have the opportunity learn from them. If you want to get into the challenging sport of bass fishing, the South Suburban Bassmasters bass club is for you.

Some of our members have been fishing for bass for over fifty years and competitively for over twenty-five years. If you enjoy friendly competition, we offer a local Club tournament trail for the members. We are sure that we have something to offer the experienced bass angler.





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